1. jQAssistant Framework 1.2.0

  • Improved the layout of the wording and the structure of the user manual of jQAssistant.

1.1. Changes to the Plugins

1.1.1. jQAssistant CDI Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.cdi to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:cdi.

  • No functional changes to version 1.1.3.

1.1.2. jQAssistant EJB 3 Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.ejb3 to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:ejb3.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.3. jQAssistant GraphML Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.graphml to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:graphml.

  • Fixed a bug where sub graphs have not been evaluated properly.

1.1.4. jQAssistant Java Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.java to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:java.

  • Added attribute weight to DEPENDS_ON relations between types

  • Fixed a bug where redundant and cyclic DECLARES relations have been created between outer and their inner classes.

  • Annotation nodes are now also labeled with Java.

  • Fixed a bug with where type resolution created multiple nodes when scanning directories with java:classpath scope.

  • Added constant values for fields.

  • Added DECLARES relations between methods and their declared anonymous inner classes: (:Method)-[:DECLARES]->(:Type).

1.1.5. jQAssistant Java 8 Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.java8 to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:java8.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.6. jQAssistant JPA 2 Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.jpa2 to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jpa2.

  • No functional changes to version 1.1.3.

1.1.7. jQAssistant JUnit Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.junit to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:junit.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.8. jQAssistant JAX RS Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.jaxrs to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jaxrs.

  • No functional changes to version 1.1.3.

1.1.9. jQAssistant Java EE 6 Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.javaee6 to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:javaee6.

  • Minor bugfix to ensure the scanning of packages in the classes folder of a WAR file.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.10. jQAssistant M2 Repository Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.m2repo to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:m2repo.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.11. jQAssistant Maven 3 Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.maven3 to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:maven3.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.12. jQAssistant OSGi Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.osgi to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:osgi.

  • No functional changes to version 1.1.3.

1.1.13. jQAssistant RDBMS Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.rdbms to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:rdbms.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.14. jQAssistant TestNG Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.testng to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:testng.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.15. jQAssistant Tycho Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.tycho to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:tycho.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.1.16. jQAssistant XML Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.xml to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:xml.

  • Added file pattern support (xml.file.include and xml.file.exclude) for specifying XML documents without a native scanner plugin.

1.1.17. jQAssistant YAML Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.yaml to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:yaml.

  • No functional changes since version 1.1.3.

1.2. Changes to the Commandline Tool and Plugin for Maven

1.2.1. jQAssistant Plugin for Maven Version 1.2.0

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.scm:jqassistant-maven-plugin to com.buschmais.jqassistant:jqassistant-maven-plugin.

  • Added support for rule parameters.

1.2.2. jQAssistant Commandline Tool Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for rule parameters.

1.3. Changes to Common Modules

1.3.1. jQAssistant Common Plugin Version 1.2

  • Maven coordinates changed from com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:jqassistant.plugin.common to com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin:common.

  • Added support for using file patterns (file.include and file.exclude) for scanner plugins.

1.3.2. jQAssistant Core Framework Version 1.2.0

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.3.8.

  • Added support for array properties in reports (e.g. HTML).

  • Added support for rule parameters.

1.3.3. jQAssistant Neo4j Backend Version 1.2.0

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.3.8.

2. jQAssistant Framework 1.1.3

2.1. Core

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.3.3

  • Added support for severity on groups

  • Upgraded the XML schema for rules and plugins to 1.1 keeping backward compatibility to their 1.0 versions

  • Added rule specific report properties

  • Allow selection of a specific report type per rule

2.2. Maven

  • Added configuration property 'useExecutionRootAsProjectRoot' for reactors with incomplete parent hierarchies

  • Added configuration property 'executeAppliedConcepts' for repeated execution of concepts that have already been applied before (to ease development of concepts)

  • Added configuration property 'continueOnError' to continue scanning even if a plugin fails with an unrecoverable error

2.3. CLI

  • Added command line switch '-executeAppliedConcepts' (same functionality as for Maven plugin)

  • Added command line switch '-continueOnError' to continue scanning even if a plugin fails with an unrecoverable error

2.4. Plugins

2.4.1. Java

  • Added an attribute 'sourceFileName' to Java types representing the name of the file the class has been compiled from.

  • Fixed a bug to add a label 'Java' to nodes representing Java packages (e.g. :Java:Package)

2.4.2. GraphML

  • Replaced report plugin property "graphml.report.yedgraphml" with "graphml.report.decorator" which specifies the name of a class implementing the 'GraphMLDecorator' interface for layouting a graph (default: YedGraphMLDecorator)

2.4.3. JPA2

  • Fixed concept "jpa2:NamedQuery" to also support @NamedQuery annotations which are directly applied to an entity (e.g. without surrounding @NamedQueries)

2.4.4. JUnit

  • Added label "JUnit" to all nodes created by the test report scanner (e.g. ":JUnit:TestSuite", ":JUnit:TestCase")

  • Test report scanner now creates (:JUnit:TestCase)-[:HAS_FAILURE]→(:JUnit:Failure) and (:JUnit:TestCase)-[:HAS_ERROR]→(:JUnit:Error) providing detail information for test cases that have a result "FAILURE" or "ERROR"

2.5. SonarQube

  • Split-up of provisioning of rules into two mutually exclusive plugins "projectrules" (rules are defined within the Maven project) and "sonarrules" (administration of rules within SonarQube)

  • Migrated jQAssistant SonarQube plugins to support SonarQube 4.x/5.1.x (Note: compatibility with 3.x has been dropped)

3. jQAssistant Framework 1.1.2

3.1. Core

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.3.2

3.2. Integrated Server

  • do not create "neo4j-home" in working directory when starting the integrated server

3.3. Plugins

3.3.1. YAML

  • No :YAML:Value node created for non-existing value anymore.

3.3.2. Maven

  • added a relation HAS_EFFECTIVE_MODEL from :Maven:Project to :Maven:Pom nodes representing the effective (i.e. interpolated) model of a Maven project containing all resolved dependencies, plugins, etc. == jQAssistant Framework 1.1.1

3.4. Core

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.3.1

  • If a rule could not be executed the file name containing it is now part of the error message

  • Fixed rendering of an overridden severity for reporting a violation

3.5. Maven

  • fixed a bug where analyze and server goals were not executed at the end of a multi-module reactor if one of the modules defined the property "jqassistant.skip"

3.6. Plugins

3.6.1. Common

  • Use Apache commons compress for handling ZIP files for more robust handling of different encodings

3.6.2. Java

  • If an artifact requires a Java type (i.e. an external class reference) then an existing node of that type which is already required by a dependency will be re-used to reduce the number of generated nodes and avoid duplicates

  • Fixed concept dependency:Artifact to create unique relations

  • Fixed a problem that occurred while scanning invalid class files

3.6.3. JPA2

  • added support for scanning persistence.xml v2.1 documents

3.6.4. Maven

  • Fixed a problem that occurred where while scanning a reduced pom.xml file generated by the Maven shade plugin

4. jQAssistant Framework 1.1.0

4.1. Core

  • Groups may be defined in AsciiDoc documents

  • Make sure that ids used for concepts, constraints or groups are unique nevertheless if they have been defined in XML or AsciiDoc documents

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.2.7

  • For plugin developers: marked the descriptor com.buschmais.jqassistant.core.store.api.model.NamedDescriptor as deprecated and replaced it by com.buschmais.jqassistant.plugin.common.api.model.NamedDescriptor, plugin implementations should use this type

4.2. Maven

  • Reset store (i.e. database) while building the root module of a project (was: execution root of Maven reactor)

  • Added serverAddress and serverPort parameters to jqassistant:server goal

4.3. CLI

  • Added serverAddress and serverPort parameters to server task

  • Fixed a problem that .adoc files containing rules have not been evaluated

4.4. Plugins

4.4.1. Common

  • All ZIP archives (i.e. ZIP, JAR, WAR and EAR) are now labeled with "Zip"

4.4.2. GraphML

  • Added plugin which provides a GraphML export for the results of executed concepts, includes support for virtual elements (sub graphs, nodes, relationships)

4.4.3. JUnit

  • Fixed an exception which has been logged during Maven build while parsing surefire and failsafe reports

4.4.4. Maven Repository

  • Resolve the POM model to provide full information about dependencies, plugins, etc.

  • Added properties for filtering artifacts while scanning

  • Added a relation CONTAINS_POM from the repository to each contained POM model (:Maven:Pom:Xml)

4.4.5. Tycho

  • Upgraded scanner plugin to to Tycho 0.23.1 to fix compatibility issues

4.4.6. URL

4.4.7. YAML

  • Added plugin which provides a scanner for YAML files

4.5. Documentation

  • Added an example to demonstrate using rules in AsciiDoc documents == jQAssistant Framework 1.0.0

4.6. Core

4.6.1. Store

  • Upgraded to Neo4j 2.2.1

4.6.2. Analysis

  • added explicit verification strategies for executable rules

  • clarified behavor of concepts and constraints regarding to configured severities

4.7. Maven

  • Fixed problems of report goal in site lifecycle

  • Allow Maven plugin to be configured as build extension

4.8. Plugins

4.8.1. Java

  • Scanner adds a property "md5" containing the hash sum to each scanned class.

  • Scanner adds a property "byteCodeVersion" to each scanned class and "cyclomaticComplexity" to each scanned method

  • Added a new concept "java:JavaVersion": Set a human readable property "javaVersion" on a class file based on its byte code version

  • Referenced types are now also resolved using the transitive dependencies of the containing artifact

4.8.2. RDBMS

  • Database schemas may be scanned from the command line without creating a specific property file

4.8.3. Plugin API

  • ReportPlugin#setResult now takes a 'Result<? extends ExecutableRule>' as parameter (instead of 'Result<? extends Rule>')

4.8.4. XML

  • Prevent online schema lookups for DTDs while parsing documents

5. jQAssistant Framework 1.0.0-RC1

5.1. Core

5.1.1. General

  • reduced amount of log messages printed on the console while running

5.1.2. Scanner

  • introduced pluggable scopes for identifying file and url types, e.g. 'maven:repository' or 'java:classpath'

5.1.3. Rules

  • added support for writing rules using AsciiDoc

  • added support for rules written in script languages (e.g. Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript etc.) using the Java Scripting API (JSR-223)

5.2. Maven plugin

  • minimum requirement has been changed to Apache Maven 3.2.x

  • added support for scopes: scope element in scanIncludes and a new goal available-scopes

  • allow multi-threaded maven builds

5.3. Command line

  • added command line support for scopes, e.g. scan -f java:classpath::/My/ClassPath/

5.4. Plugins

5.4.1. Facelet

  • added facelet plugin providing a scanner for JSF 2.x XHTML based views

5.4.2. Java

  • scanner adds DEPENDS_ON relations between Java types during scan, the corresponding concepts have been removed

  • referenced Java types are only resolved within the same artifact or dependencies thereof, unresolvable types will be referenced by a REQUIRES relation from the artifact.

5.4.3. Java EE 6

  • added scanners for EAR archives and application.xml descriptors

  • added scanners for WAR archives and web.xml descriptors

5.4.4. JUnit

  • renamed JUnit4 plugin to JUnit as it also contains rules for JUnit3

  • added a concept 'junit4:SuiteClass'

  • added a group 'junit4:Default' including all defined constraints for JUnit4

5.4.5. Maven

  • added a plugin for scanning pom.xml files providing access to dependency management, plugins, profiles, etc.

5.4.6. Maven Repository

  • added Maven 2 Repository plugin (m2repo) containing a scanner for incremental scans of remote repositories

5.4.7. RDBMS

  • added RDBMS plugin containing a scanner to import schema metadata from relational databases

5.4.8. TestNG

  • added TestNG plugin containing concepts

5.4.9. XML

  • added XML plugin containing a generic scanner for XML files

5.5. Plugin API

  • added annotation @Requires for scanner plugins to build dependency chains

  • added mandatory "name" attribute to jqassistant-plugin element of jqassistant-plugin.xml descriptors

  • moved file related model classes from package 'c.b.j.core.store.api.model' to 'c.b.j.plugin.common.api.model' == jQAssistant Framework 1.0.0-M4

5.6. General

  • license changed from ASL 2.0 to GPLv3 to solve compatibility issues with Neo4j community edition

5.7. Core

5.7.1. Scanner

  • major performance improvements, especially for larger projects

  • all scanned files are represented with a file label, even if no scanner actually accepts the file type

  • a public API for scanner plugins is now provided, an example for SCV files is available in the documentation

5.7.2. Analysis

  • constraints and concepts provide a severity

5.8. Maven plugin

  • added support for additional scan directories (scanDirectories) and rule directories (rulesDirectories)

  • added 'skip' property for excluding single modules from scan

  • renamed property 'failOnConstraintViolations' to 'failOnViolations'

  • include JUnit test reports in scan

  • better support for multi-module projects

5.9. Command line

  • added downloadable distribution providing a standalone CLI including shell scripts for Windows and Unix compatible systems

5.10. Sonar

  • provide all plugins of jQAssistant distribution in sonar plugin

5.11. Plugins

5.11.1. Java

  • added scanner support for Java 8 bytecode

  • new concepts for throwable types are now provided

5.11.2. Java 8

  • added concepts for functional interfaces and default methods

5.11.3. JUnit4

  • new concepts for lifecycle annotations (@Before, @After, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass)

  • new concepts for JUnit3 tests

  • split up of concept "junit4:TestClassOrMethod" into "junit4:TestClass" and "junit4:TestMethod"

  • added constraints for unit tests

5.11.4. CDI

  • new plugin containing a scanner for beans.xml descriptors, concepts and constrains

5.12. Documentation

  • explanation of rule types added (concepts, constraints, groups)

  • an example is provided for distributing plugins containing rules