• reduced amount of log messages printed on the console while running


  • introduced pluggable scopes for identifying file and url types, e.g. 'maven:repository' or 'java:classpath'


  • added support for writing rules using AsciiDoc

  • added support for rules written in script languages (e.g. Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript etc.) using the Java Scripting API (JSR-223)

Maven plugin

  • minimum requirement has been changed to Apache Maven 3.2.x

  • added support for scopes: scope element in scanIncludes and a new goal available-scopes

  • allow multi-threaded maven builds

Command line

  • added command line support for scopes, e.g. scan -f java:classpath::/My/ClassPath/



  • added facelet plugin providing a scanner for JSF 2.x XHTML based views


  • scanner adds DEPENDS_ON relations between Java types during scan, the corresponding concepts have been removed

  • referenced Java types are only resolved within the same artifact or dependencies thereof, unresolvable types will be referenced by a REQUIRES relation from the artifact.

Java EE 6

  • added scanners for EAR archives and application.xml descriptors

  • added scanners for WAR archives and web.xml descriptors


  • renamed JUnit4 plugin to JUnit as it also contains rules for JUnit3

  • added a concept 'junit4:SuiteClass'

  • added a group 'junit4:Default' including all defined constraints for JUnit4


  • added a plugin for scanning pom.xml files providing access to dependency management, plugins, profiles, etc.

Maven Repository

  • added Maven 2 Repository plugin (m2repo) containing a scanner for incremental scans of remote repositories


  • added RDBMS plugin containing a scanner to import schema metadata from relational databases


  • added TestNG plugin containing concepts


  • added XML plugin containing a generic scanner for XML files

Plugin API

  • added annotation @Requires for scanner plugins to build dependency chains

  • added mandatory "name" attribute to jqassistant-plugin element of jqassistant-plugin.xml descriptors

  • moved file related model classes from package 'c.b.j.core.store.api.model' to 'c.b.j.plugin.common.api.model'



  • license changed from ASL 2.0 to GPLv3 to solve compatibility issues with Neo4j community edition



  • major performance improvements, especially for larger projects

  • all scanned files are represented with a file label, even if no scanner actually accepts the file type

  • a public API for scanner plugins is now provided, an example for SCV files is available in the documentation


  • constraints and concepts provide a severity

Maven plugin

  • added support for additional scan directories (scanDirectories) and rule directories (rulesDirectories)

  • added 'skip' property for excluding single modules from scan

  • renamed property 'failOnConstraintViolations' to 'failOnViolations'

  • include JUnit test reports in scan

  • better support for multi-module projects

Command line

  • added downloadable distribution providing a standalone CLI including shell scripts for Windows and Unix compatible systems


  • provide all plugins of jQAssistant distribution in sonar plugin



  • added scanner support for Java 8 bytecode

  • new concepts for throwable types are now provided

Java 8

  • added concepts for functional interfaces and default methods


  • new concepts for lifecycle annotations (@Before, @After, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass)

  • new concepts for JUnit3 tests

  • split up of concept "junit4:TestClassOrMethod" into "junit4:TestClass" and "junit4:TestMethod"

  • added constraints for unit tests


  • new plugin containing a scanner for beans.xml descriptors, concepts and constrains


  • explanation of rule types added (concepts, constraints, groups)

  • an example is provided for distributing plugins containing rules